Thanks for stopping by, I truly appreciate it ! There are several ways to book a session. If you have any questions, simply get in touch. Steff K. :-)

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Baby's 1st Year Program

Four custom tailored photography sessions at your home or nearby, spaced over the course of your baby's first year. Included at the end of the year, is a custom designed heirloom highlights album of your favourite photographs.

Four payments of $469
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Taken in a natural photography style so that your sentimental moments, stolen glances and smiles + giggles with your family are captured in photographs for you to enjoy in the years ahead.


Individual Sessions

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Maternity photos can be solo portraits, couple's sessions, or even some of each.

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Newborn sessions are for capturing those first tiny moments. These are best taken when your baby is 7-10days old.

Or book a baby photo session at your home when you are ready.

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Fine furry members of your family need their own time in the spotlight too! I'd love to capture the love and fun you have together.




- Consultation to plan your session and family activity you’d like to do.

- ‘On-Location’ photo session 60-90mins, usually at your home or favourite park

- Family photo sessions are for up to 5. Additional family members $25

- Viewing/ordering session at our gallery lounge after your photo session to purchase your favourite photos

Two weeks after your photo session, we invite you to our gallery lounge for your viewing and ordering session where you will see your images projected nice and big!
Our clients just love this part!
At this time, we will help you choose your favourite photographs and products to suit your family.


It's impossible to describe the value we place on these images and I suggest to every new parent that they consider booking a handful of shoots before they get caught up in the whirlwind and time passes them by. Steff’s approach is purposeful, casual, professional and fun. By just being herself, Steff creates an atmosphere that ensures she captures authentic moments with your little one while making you look gorgeous!

Beth C.


These photos are amazing
- though not a huge surprise, as we know how great your shots are :)

Love what you do!

Mike K.


Steff has a way of making you and your kids simply feel at ease. Your lives are always so hectic and she strolls in with all her photo gear with big smiles on her face. The results? Very happy parents and joyful moments with their offspring - captured beautifully forever....on a canvas, a first year album, or digital copies you scroll through when life gets you down. Thank you for transferring these smiles to our faces!

Rowena L.